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Route / Drive way:

Chalet Tuschinski is located in Crettet Bornex. Take in Les Crosets the first road tot the right and after 200 m go right again, cross the ski run and follow the small road. Near the old farm on the right the road is steep and if the road is icy it is impossible to pass this selection without winter tires or chains. Normally the road is cleared after snowfall but there have been extremes that the road was not accessible with any vehicle. Sometimes there is a ski run along the road. Cars cannot ride on the ski run, so stay on the road although the transition is very difficult to see. Chalet Tuschinski is the fourth building on the left side of the road. Take the driveway in reverse and then go forwards in the parking in front of the house.


The driveway is also used by the neighbours so don’t park any vehicles on the driveway. In front of the house a maximum of 3 cars can be parked and on the side of the house a extra of 3 cars. You can also park your car in the parking near the lifts in the village (5 CHF/day) or near chalet Wapite that is up the mountain road after 200 m left. Parking is opposite the garages.

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Chalet Tuschinski - Les Crosets - Portes du Soleil - 14 persons at 1750 m