Manual Chalet Tuschinski


Chalet Tuschinski is accessible from Saturday 16:00 and has to be vacated the next Saterday at 10:00. The entrance of the chalet is via the garage door. Here you will enter the ski storage room. At night, the door to the corridor is usually locked. The key is in the door. Please don’t use the wooden stairs in the chalet wearing ski shoes or hiking boots.


The beds are not made. This is not possible in the short time period that is available to clean the chalet. The sheets for the double beds fit on any bed. There are 14 beds available, five double beds, and four bunk beds, of which two are rather narrow. In the closet in the garage you find two baby beds. You can unfold them and lock the sides by pulling up the bottom of the bed. The mattresses can be found under the bed in bedroom number three.

Skis, boots and ski suits

Skies can be stored on the wall hangers. Boots and coats can be stored in the central-heating boiler room. Please do not wear ski boots or outside shoes on the wooden stairs.


The chalet has plenty of garbage bags. When these are full they should be deposited in the cisterns at the entrance of the village (at the former Telisiege Pointe de l'Au). Garbage, glass, cardboard and PET bottles should be thrown away separately.


You can use the logs that are stacked behind the chalet. Use of these is included in the price. Be careful when lighting the fire. Make sure that the fireplace damper is open (i.e. in the vertical position). Sometimes there is a cold draught down the chimney, use a newspaper to cover the hearth opening to reverse the air flow and the fire should ignite. If smoke gets into the room, immediately open the window next to the fireplace otherwise the smoke alarm on the ceiling will go off.

Heating system

The chalet has floor heating with an outside thermostat. If the chalet gets too warm, just open the window in the kitchen. If there is a malfunction please call Walter Meier (formerly Oertli) at: 0800 846 846. In the garage you will find 2 electric heaters (1 radiator and a blower in the closet) for emergencies.

Vacuum cleaner

The house has a vacuum-cleaning system with one connection on each floor. The hose is located in the storage closet under the stairs. Please make sure to insert the correct connection.


The shutters can be closed. You can release them by pulling the latches upwards. Never leave the shutters open without latching them back into place - the wind can be very strong and can damage them if they are not fastened properly.


Behind the hinged windows in the bathroom and laundry room are extractor fans. Please leave these windows open for good air circulation

Fire extinguishers

There are two fire extinguishers in the chalet:

  • in the living room right next to the desk.
  • in the garage beside the vacuum cleaner.

Chalet Tuschinski is a wooden chalet so smoking is not allowed. The wood of the chalet is very dry and can burn easily. Be very careful with fire. The chalet is insured but probably not if negligence is detected (e.g. smoking in bed, etc.) So please, if you must, smoke outside and put the cigarette butts in an ashtray.

Manual equipment 


There is a limited number of Dutch, German and English channels available on TV. (Dutch films are often in English with subtitling.) There is a media player with 1,500 films and tv series. The media player cab can be activated with the remote control. The TV is connected to the media player after pressing the second button left on top of the TV. Please shut it off after using it, or else the internal hard disk will keep spinning.

Use of the oven

When there is a power failure the oven clock will not work anymore. It can be started by pressing the second and third button from the left simultaneously. Using the right-hand buttons you can reset the time.

Use of the dishwasher

The left button is the On and Off button, then you can choose the program duration above it. Personally I prefer the button with the Cup and Saucer, 75 minutes, or just Glass, the right-most button, which runs for 27 minutes.

The large white plates will only fit at the front of the machine, otherwise they jam the pivotting arm of the sprinkler and will leave the dishes dirty. For the best results use the sign Just Rinsed .

Use of the washing machine

A useful program is the mini 40-degrees-plus-laundry button. The duration is 40 minutes. For the rest, it should be clear on the machine.

Use of the tumble dryer

It is important to clean the filter in the door after each drying cycle.

For questions or problems please contact:
Nico Cortlever +41 721 586 7607 or +31 653 132434

Chalet Tuschinski - Les Crosets - Portes du Soleil - 14 persons at 1750 m